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When you contact us at Bockman & Son, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best demolition services possible. Our company is fully licensed (CCB# 64694), bonded and insured. Our demolition contractors have years of experience and are equipped to handle any project, large or small.

Our dismantling specialists offer a wide range of industrial services for companies, including:
Chiller Disposal - Bockman & Son, Inc. - Portland, OR
  • Chiller demolition/disposal
  • Boiler demolition/disposal
  • Scrap iron and metal
  • Installation of new Chillers & Boilers
  • Drop box service
Demolition services
We provide a wide variety of demolition services throughout the Portland area and the Pacific Northwest. Our experts are hired to torch cut or otherwise remove boilers and chillers from basements or small areas and dispose of them safely and efficiently. Mechanical contractors are then free to install a new unit.
Drop Box Services
Our drop box services make it easy to recycle unwanted scrap metal and other equipment. When you contact us for this service, we will provide you with a box to put your recyclables in. Once you're done with your project or the box is full, we'll cart it away and ensure that the materials are recycled properly. We accept all types of metals, including copper, aluminum and steel.
We can provide estimates on any project, no matter how large or small. Contact us today to request an estimate or to learn more about the services we provide.
Bockman & Son - Portland, OR